Core Competencies

Mega structures to bridges, oil refineries to atomic power plants, high-rise towers to marine structures, Hyundai leads the way in construction innovation.


Hyundai is changing skylines.

Our steel frame and mega structure divisions are acknowledged for outstanding quality and timely delivery.

Our advanced manufacturing process provides the answers to the complex seismic and environmental requirements of high-rise and mega-structures construction.

We are continually innovating to provide our global partners with new solutions for new challenges.


Our bridges span the distance.

core-competencies-2-smHyundai builds bridges worldwide including plate girder bridges, box girder bridges, suspension bridges, truss bridges and cable stay bridges.

Hyundai is qualified as a Class 1 manufacturer of bridges by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation and has the capacity to design, produce and install any bridge.

Industrial Structures

현대스틸산업카달We build refineries and power plants to power the world.

We incorporate the most demanding technologies in our industrial structures sector.  We have the capacity, technology and reach to build industrial facilities, refineries, and nuclear and conventional power plants worldwide

Heavy Equipment

Construction Equipment Rental

core-competencies-5Careful attention to the needs of our clients has made us a leader and trustworthy partner in heavy equipment leasing.  We provide a comprehensive array of equipment including floating (jack-up) docks and cranes.


We manage a state of the art dredging fleet to ensure timely completion of your project.

Major Records

Our history includes bridges, industrial facilities, marine structures, power plants and mega-structures worldwide.  We are proud of these accomplishments and want to make your premier project part of our history of successful projects.

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