Major Production Facilities


Leading the industry with advanced world-class production facilities

Hyundai has four specialized fabrication plants located in Daesan, Cheonan, Incheon and Yulchon South Korea.  From these plants, we provide the highest quality steel products with timely delivery to our customers worldwide.  Connectivity between these plants, our Seoul corporate office and our overseas support offices provide our customers with unsurpassed service and quality.


Daesan specializes in bridge construction.


Cheonan is a leader in high-rise structures.


Incheon focuses on offshore structures.


Yulchon is the leader in mega-structures and other complex facilities.

Relentless Pursuit

While our quality control and fabrication processes are unsurpassed, we are relentless pursuing new technology and improvement in every aspect of our business.  We scrutinize every aspect of production, each piece of fabrication equipment, and every stage of quality control and quality assurance as we strive for perfection in every detail and every process.